Starting out as a solo project for former punk rock guitarist Jimmy Leen, the band now consists of six members and includes drums, bass, acoustic/electric, slide guitar, Hammond/Rhodes keyboards and piano, percussion, plus a mass of rich and warm backing vocals, providing a wide range of sound and arrangement possibilities.

The six members originate from various musical backgrounds, but mostly jazz, rock, and pop, helping to position Fox as a strong and versatile live band able to provide a diverse medley of instruments, sounds and dynamics, a rarity in the current climate of a super-fast consuming music industry.

Imagine a shimmering oasis above a desert road on a hot lazy sunny summer’s day. A light breeze kicks up a swirl of dust as old Chevrolet drives by. That’s where you’ll find Fox music somewhere between modern and classic rock, pop and indie music, and therefore for many it’s a surprise to learn that the guys all hail from Luxembourg.


Vocals, Guitar / Jimmy Leen
Guitar / Charles Stoltz
 Keys / Jerome Klein
Bass / Tom Gatti
Percussion / Aloyse Weyler
Drums / Dirk Kellen